Option to enable Mining Mode [moved]

  • 6 February 2021
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(sorry if this is in the wrong subforum)

There should be an option in the settings where I can specify that I am going to be mining crypto on my machine and then kaspersky can stop deleting my mining executables. It’s really annoying that everytime I download a new version or download a different algorithm of a miner, it gets deleted because it keeps getting flagged. 

If there is a mining mode, kaspersky can simply ignore mining applications from being flagged. 



1 reply

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Hi @TheVaccine , 

Thank you for the idea! You can try the following workaround: if the detected threat have a common part in the name, e.g. ‘miner’, add an exclusion via Settings → Threats and Exclusions → Manage exclusions → Add, e.g.

Please note, this will exclude all threats that contain ‘miner’ in their name, regardless of the location of the file.