No access to ISP with VPN on

  • 7 January 2022
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What does it mean that I have no access to my ISP when my Kapersky vpn is on?  Thank you.

5 replies

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@M L Porter Welcome.

If you are talking about outgoing mail ,in some cases an ISP cannot identify its own SMTP and refuses outbound traffic.

Thank you for your response.  No, this has nothing to do with mail.  When my computer boots, my ISP is showing as connected.  Then VPN connects.  Both show having internet access.  After a few minutes my computer shows me I have no internet access to my ISP.  An unidentified network has access and shows an icon similar to an old-fashioned microphone.

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@M L Porter  You are welcome.

Maybe you should check your ISP Modem/Router settings , some routers don’t support VPN. 
Also , can you please provide the message displayed on the internet connection icon in the systray ?

Thank you again for your kind assistance.  When I first started using VPN everything was fine.  A month later is when this all began happening.  My ISP Modem/Router settings are fine. 

As to the message displayed, it is on two lines as follows:

Internet Provider Name (Not putting the actual name in)

No Internet Access


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@M L Porter

Please contact your ISP and if no solution please contact Kaspersky Technical Support 


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