Network Monitor: is it Real-Time all Apps/Traffic monitoring tool???

  • 17 September 2020
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I’m assuming Network Monitor tool is a real-time capturing tool for all type of traffics generated by all apps/processes. But, the attached screenshot showing something different to my assumption!!! 

Screenshot showing: 

  • qBittorrent (a torrent client) is receiving data at rate of 31.9 kB/s over 3 UDP connections from devices located globally. But KIS Network activity panel doesn’t show that and only showing 2 local connections without Zero traffic. 
  • Internet Download Manager (IDM) app is downloading a file over 1 TCP secure connection at a rate not exactly the same as Network Activity panel reporting. 
  • Total traffic rate of the 2 active apps listed above are not matching the total traffic rate  in Network Activity expressed in Received/ Sent at bottom right corner and at top left corner of the panel. 


I’m using KIS since 2007 and I do remember the first time I used Network Monitor, it was real-time and correct by at least 95%. But since the use of .NET Framework to build KIS, I keep see unsatisfied things!!! 


If you think this should be reported to Kaspersky-Lab, please advise how 




1 reply

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@Moody, you can express your wishes for the product through technical support or on the beta testing forum.