My mic and audio stops working 5min into a hangout meeting.

  • 26 September 2021
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Every time I have hangout meeting, 5 min into it my mic and audio stops working, and I get attached message. I tested everything, changed mic/audio settings, restarted computer, restarted chrome, reinstalled chrome- nothing works. It's been going on for weeks now. Please help fix it. 



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Hello @PeggyBaker


  1. Read before you create a new topic!
  2. In KIS Reports, are there any events that match the issue? 
  3. Does the same issue repeat if the browser is Firefox or Edge Chromium? 
  4. Is the Kaspersky protection extension installed & enabled in the browsers? 
  5. Which “attached message”? 
  6. In Chrome, are there any other extensions, that could be interfering with the audio/microphone. 
  7. Does the “My mic and audio stops working 5min into a hangout meeting” happen if Google chat is used? 
  8. Have you read My mic and audio stops working 5min into a hangout meeting. - classic Hangouts and Google Chat Community

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:



After much effort I found


Tried it and it worked any advice I had to do a mic test because I didn't have a site to test our mic. Which can be tested without any download.

I know this is not complete information. I will soon give you the analysis of this problem with full details. Thank you.