my computer infected by new virus

  • 7 April 2019
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I got the latest version of Kapersky Internet Security and Windows Defender, but infected new virus, so what should I do right now?

5 replies

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Hello,@icq ,
What kind of virus are you writing?
Try a full computer scan with Kaspersky Internet Security https://support.kaspersky.com/14305#block1
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Also, in addition to the post located directly above this post,

Settings > More Tools > Reports > Detailed Reports (upper-right) > Detected Objects (from the drop-down box in the upper-left).

Please post the full, complete detection details. Full file name, full path, full location, detection verdict. Post screenshot of Reports > Detailed reports > Detected objects.
Main Kaspersky window > More Tools > Reports > upper right > Detailed reports > at the upper left, drop down from All Events to Detected objects.
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Hi, as well as all above posts.
If all of the above fails please do this.
You will need to create the GSI Log here.
Then drop the zip in here.
Copy and paste the easy to read link and put it in your report.
You can post it back here to please.
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Hello @icq 

这个问题是您的 raid 磁盘阵列管理软件检测到您那块阵列当中的磁盘已经发生了故障,需要更换了,而不是什么病毒问题。请您及时更换那块损坏的硬盘后对阵列进行同步修复,然后继续正常使用。