Multi-device licensing

  • 13 October 2021
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If a 10-device one-year licence  is applied to devices that already have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, does the lifetime of each licence starts from the installation date of the first licence to be applied, irrespective of the how much time is left on that device’s licence?

For example, if the first to device to be updated with a new activation code has a licence that expires in 10 days time, does the lifetime clock for ALL the licences start from:

  • now
  • 10 days time 
  • one year from when each particular device is updated
  • one year plus the time remaining on each particular device’s licence

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7 replies

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@decomplexity Welcome.

The countdown starts for all users when you activate the license on your first device.

Thanks Berny. To be even more specific, does the countdown start from when I insert the  activation code on the first device or when any remaining time on the previous licence expires?  

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@decomplexity When adding an activation code additionally to an existing code , the new code code will be considered a “reserve code”. The day that your current code expires Kaspersky will automatically switch to the new code  and show up with 365 remaining days ...

… and the day the current code of the first device expires (and the ‘reserve’ code becomes the current activation code) is Day 1 of the 365 days for ALL the licences?

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@decomplexity Correct. Please add your new code one or two days before expiration from your current code.

Many thanks Berny. 

Although  if the activation window for all licences starts from the expiry of the first device’s  last licence, it shouldn’t matter how far in advance the activation key is inserted on the first device?

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@decomplexity Correct. Above post above your post was only a personal recommendation.