Microsoft April 2019 updates freezes Windows 7, 8.1, 10 & Server? [Closed]

  • 15 April 2019
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Anyone else affected by this?


I installed the Microsoft update KB44493472 last tuesdays and things were fine until last Saturday when i downloaded the Origin software and installed a 70GB game Pc froze up while downloading.

I tried to forget the issue but today after loggin in windows 7 64 bits the system froze again.

I have windows 7 64 bits and Kaspersky Internet Security latest version updated.

I know the article doesn't mention kaspersky but my issue coincides.

I just uninstalled the microsoft April update hope that fixes the issue and hope my hardware is not the faulty one. 😥


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Welcome to the new Kaspersky Community!

Did You assure Your KIS2019 already got Patch E (or KIS2018 Patch K)?

Anyway I would wait until Microsoft fix the many issues users are getting with this new mayor W10 update:

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My windows update KB4493472 says it is the Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based systems. It makes no mention of any other version of Windows. This is not to say it doesn't apply to other versions and it may say Windows 7 in my case simply because that is my version.

However no problems with it so far but what causes it to freeze Windows may be related to something such as your game that I do not have.

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I forgot to add this link also: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/11/oh-look-another-broken-windows-update-kb4493472-and-kb4493446-causing-issues/
Yes E version installed.
The freeze doesn't happen during the game, so far has happened:

1) While using Origin to download a game (70Gb).

2) After loging in Windows 7 once, just a few seconds after.

I hope the culprit is the Microsoft update...gonna use the PC next...
Hi, my product is KTS and yesterday I noticed a suddenly slow system but I did not recognize at that time that the culprit was the April Windows Update. I remember the system being updated and Today I was looking for some info about the problem and I read about the possible cause to be the Windows Update and some antivirus. However, any news I read none cited Kaspersky, but I can CONFIRM: Karspersky AV is indeed affected too.

My system is a Windows 7 SP1. and I have KTS installed.
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Hi @Psikofunkster
Welcome to the new Kaspersky community.
As well as all the above posts.
In Kaspersky settings, have you "game mode" enabled?
I am of the opinion before you do any "windows major update" export your Kaspersky "settings" to a select folder then "uninstall kaspersky"
Then reinstall after the "windows update" has completed.
In your situation now maybe "uninstall kaspersky" reboot, then "reinstall kaspersky" again.
Thank you.
After uninstalling the Microsoft April update and using the PC for a couple of days, the freezing issue is apparently gone for me.

I assume the culprit was the Microsoft April update, i just blocked it. Hope the May one will be ok.

@KarDip hi, no game mode here.
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I've just finished a system restore, bc, April update

wiped out 1/2 the system.
  • MS should remove the word "quality" from any of their updates.
  • Only thing that saved this situation: weekly restore points & daily system backups, without them it would have been toast.
  • Next step, reactivating the little "wonder" tool that allows Win (Home) users to control Windows Updates.