Microsoft Account Authenticator, compatible with Kaspersky products?

  • 20 June 2019
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My MSN account may be in danger of compromise due to personal info that was part of the Starwood hack last year. Already took care of all credit and financial protections. But, for the past couple months my MSN email is experiencing a ton of phishing emails and my iPhone a dozen phishing texts every day. This activity goes on for a week or so then trails off for a week or so. Then the cycle starts again. Appears my identifying info is being traded on some dark site every couple weeks. I do not click on any links or respond to anything.

I would hate to have to get a new email account and phone number. So, I am considering downloading Microsoft Account Authenticator (MAA). Is MAA compatible with Kaspersky products or will there be interference logging into the accounts I enter into MAA when using my Windows 10 computer?

One other issue probably part of this hack. I received a verified typical email from iCloud the other day regarding storage usage. The sender address and internal info checked out. I did not have to click on anything either. Then about five minutes after that email arrived I received an obvious phishing email saying I needed to log into iCloud to change my password because someone else logged into it. The sender address was a long random fake address and domain name. The same kind of random alphanumeric sender addresses I see on the other phishing emails I get lately. Coincidence or does this mean my MSN account/email is already compromised? Could my iPhone itself be compromised?

Anyone familiar with MAA? Does it work as advertised?

Does Kaspersky have something better for this issue?

I always get no threats detected on this computer when I run maximal security Kaspersky scans.


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Hello @TCB 

MAA compatible with Kaspersky products without any problem.