Message: "Connection to network is not secure. Wi Fi Network ..........is Public Run kaspersky Secure Connection". [Closed]

  • 6 June 2019
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When I start my PC I get a Kaspersky "error" message saying "Connection to network is not secure. Wi Fi Network ..........is Public Run kaspersky Secure Connection". My network settings tell me that it is "Private and it is password protected. Any advice please? Thank you.

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Hello Lasaman,
  • Are you using KIS & Kaspersky Secure Connection (VPN)?
  • Can you share with us please:
  1. KIS version?
  2. KSC (if installed) version?
  3. Operating system, version, build?
  4. A screenprint/s of the alerts?
  5. If you look in KIS/REPORTS/WEB ANTI-VIRUS https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/69242.htm can you see any alerts reported?
  6. If yes, please export report for period that captures the alerts & copy, paste several please? (note: there may be a lot, we only need a few please🙂)
Hi Flood,

I do not have as yet a screen print of the error message - on start up and when my PC connects to Wi Fi it appears on the bottom right of my screen and is worded exactly as I describe in my initial post. I have KIS WIndows 10 Home 1809 with all updates in. I am not sure if KSC came with my KIS - (I do not have the Icon on my desktop), but when I get the "alert" message it asks me if I want to run KSC which I can do.

In the KIS report it appears as a single line "Wi Fi network ("name") is insecure" There are no other details given. Thanks.
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Hello Lasaman,
In the alert you see "name" is that the name/SSID of YOUR wifi?
Is this alert: similar:

  1. IF yes, it's being generated by KSC (Kaspersky Secure Connection) (Kaspersky's VPN)
  2. IF yes, KSC is installed and active on your system
  3. IF yes, you can configure KSC - https://help.kaspersky.com/KSDE/Win3.0/en-US/126993.htm
  4. Does your alert have options to select:
"remember my choice for this WI-FI network",
"enable protection"
  1. IF yes, what happens when you, acknowledge any of the options offered?

  • IF no, to any of my annoying questions😉 please read on:
  • Please generate a GSI & Windows logs. - reference:

  • When the GSI .zip folder is ready, please upload the full folder to cloud storage of your choice and please post back the link?
  • Also, please collect screen image of the detection & include in the upload please?
  • With the information collected by the GSI/logs, screen images and your replies, we'll be more able to provide advice specific to your situation.
Hi Flood - your questions are certainly not annoying and I thank you for the time taken to help me. You have a little problem with me however in that although I am reasonably competent on my PC I get a bit lost by "screen prints" "Zip folders" and "Cloud" etc etc. - sorry - however I will try to give you as much info as I can.

The message that I get is similar to the one you show but not exactly. It says "Connection to Network is not secure." "Wi Fi Network, (name of MY network), is public". It then invites me to "Run Kaspersky Secure Connection" which if I click this - it connects me via KSC and I get the message "Connection via, (name of MY Wi Fi Network), is protected via United KIngdom".

So yes KSC is installed - have confirmed via my list of apps but I do not have the "Icon" on my desktop for some reason which confused me. Although I have been getting this message for some time I have also been aware that if I do a "search for available Wi Fi networks" I can see my network name and it is shown as "Secured ". Also if friends come and want to use my Wi Fi I have to give them my password in order that they can connect. Surely this means that it is not Public and the message I am receiving is in error? Should I now look at my KSC configuration settings as you suggest? or Uninstall KSC and see what happens? Appreciate your help - Thank you.
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Hello Lasaman,
Thank you for posting back and do not worry, we can guide you to collect data, logs, zips, clouds and assure you that the more specific and actual info we have the less painless it is for you😉.
So no, not knowing is not a problem at all and telling us "I don't know how", helps us help you...So, we're all good...
Re KSC shortcut, I'll post back with instructions, however, let's put it on your Taskbar for the time being, please follow this image

I'm going to take a little time to carefully review the info you've just provided (& get a coffee) so please just allow me some time so every concern can be addressed?

Regarding giving anyone your pwd😱, no, no, no, no, that's not ok and not necessary, we'll sort that as well. Moving forward, I have a weak heart, those sort of comments bring on concerning symptoms, please be kind!
Back soon.
Hi Flood, Thanks - no rush thank you. I am going to be running about a bit on family business for the next few days so please forgive me if you do not get a prompt reply when you post - Many thanks again for your efforts on my behalf.l