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  • 16 February 2021
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I noticed that upon startup of the computer the KIS memory usage is usually around 70mb. After using my computer, I checked again the memory usage of the KIS, its 110mb+ which cause my memory percentage to go up to 32-45% which normally upon startup and on idle is 29%. Is this normal?


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7 replies

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@Aidzer Can you please check your total RAM capacity.
Your screenshot is showing a CPU usage that is close to zero.

@Berny My RAM capacity is 12GB


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@AidzerThe 40% RAM usage is containing other processes on top of KTS.
Also,  the RAM consumption curve from Kaspersky is fluctuating upwards and downwards,
there is no reason to worry about this behavior.

@Berny Thank you for the clarification. May i know the reason why Kaspersky Internet Security RAM usage fluctuates even in idle?

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Hum... 111MB of a total of 11,8GB RAM available for Windows 10 system services/processes + KTS + other applications is not bad AT ALL!…

And how about this? 


Is it normal? 


Experiencing it right now


When I installed for the first time some days ago 


93 GB it is a new record!


Memory usage after killing Kaspersky at 14:28 


Impossible use this product. 


I am on a MacBook Pro 16 (late 2016),  i7, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD 


What need I have to get this running properly? 

I think in my case the problem is Safari Extension, today, But it was not the same (I think) for that day using 93GB