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  • 11 April 2019
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Hi, i would like to know if the following website is safe and the download for the game is safe because i downloaded that game and it detected this:
Location: D:\BSF\SPS.sed (What is sps.sed ?)
Object type: Trojan Program

I never got this from my previous internet security from this game i play all the time so i just wanna know if this is a false positive or it's actually a real virus or something?? Since i installed KIS it detected that via full scan of my PC. Please help thanks.

This is the website where i downloaded the game: https://sf.bullgamez.com/
Here is the download link for it:\[url=https://mega.nz/~[/url]~~~~~~~~

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Welcome. Please do not link to possible malware; I edited the Download link. If you download anything from an unofficial source, it could be malware.

Your best bet is to ask Tech Support.
Oh sorry. Where do i contact them?
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No need to apologize, of course. Please scroll up to the top of this page, near the upper right, is a link.

Also, you can check the file at the VirusDesk link, top of this page.