Mac, Internet and connection issues involving KIS, KPM, and ProtonVPN

  • 8 April 2021
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I am running Big Sur on an M1 MBP, and I am encountering some strange issues involving ProtonVPN, KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security), and KPM (Kaspersky Password Manager).

After the computer locks itself due to inactivity, and I unlock it, the internet connection seems to fail. No application can access the internet. This is resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting ProtonVPN.

However, after reconnecting ProtonVPN, KPM fails to load, and is stuck in a “Starting” loop. This is resolved by restarting the computer.


I am also using Kaspersky Internet Security, and I enabled some network protection settings during configuration, which may be interfering. 

I am happy to help debug these issues however possible, with guidance from support, or the community. I would like to have a seamless experience for all.


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Hello @cosmos


  1. Read before you create a new topic!, by @Danila T. , please action as per his directions?
  2. Is the MAC fully updated? 
  3. Are the Kaspersky apps fully  updated? 
  4. What has Proton Technical Support advised? 
  5. Have you logged a case with Kaspersky Technical Support → they will ask for Traces, Logs & other data?
  6. Please share the outcome, with the Community, when it’s available?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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