KIS Update stops at 97% [Solved] [Closed]

  • 19 November 2019
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Have gone through the Update Problems list, i.e. reboot, setting time, not on battery, etc. Before reboot, after reboot, does not matter. It hangs at ~97%.

Have the current version of KIS. Freshly installed (~two days). This all followed a system problem (apps not running, connecting, etc.) Ultimately I had to do a Win10 64 Pro Reset (removing applications but keeping data). 

The detailed update report is attached. You can see it ran for about a minute (at 7:24) to get to 97%, then stalled. The report was run at about 7:33. It probably got there that fast because I’ve run this previously and it may be using the files downloaded earlier.

GetSystemInfo log: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/e1ddb432d0fb7b858f7b152719aaca0f



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An additional thought after looking at the summary of programs: Microsoft Office 365 is partly installed. Because they are click-to-run, they operate, but they are not fully installed. 

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Hello @ISpeye,


  1. Please check KIS20 Hardware & Software compatibilty requirements
  2. Run Windows in SafeMode with Networking, check if KIS Update completes? 

Please let us know?

Thank you. 

Thank  you, FLOOD.

Only thing I see on the incompatibility is Malwarebytes. And it’s coexisted with KIS for years. 

KIS update ran like a charm in Safe/Networking. 

And just now it ran OK in regular mode. 
Does that mean it’s fixed? 

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Hello @ISpeye,

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for replying.

  • Re MBAM
  1. KIS20 & MBAM (incompatibility) is new, if (users) wish to retain MBAM, do not use with MBAM Real Time Protection enabled. 
  2. Have you removed or changed MBAM?
  • Re “And just now it ran OK in regular mode. Does that mean it’s fixed?”

My recommendation, monitor for a week, if “KIS Update stops at 97%” repeats, follow What to do if the database update process gets stuck & report any issues please? 

Thank you.

No. I have not removed MBAM. And I’d hope someone addresses that new incompatibility quickly. These are complementary tools, and MBAM is very widespread. And turning off Real Time removes much of the functionality of MBAM. 

Is there a technical discussion of what this incompatibility is? Does one need only get out of MBAM temporarily to do an update?

And yes, I’ll watch for repeats of this problem. 

Thank you. 

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Hello @ISpeye,

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for replying. 

Re “Does one need only get out of MBAM temporarily to do an update?” & if  “KIS Update stops at x%” repeats, remove MBAM or change to run on demand, not RT. 

Re “These are complementary tools”, competing for the same resources.

There’s a fair bit of “discussion” about the topic, obviously, folks who’ve used both products “for years”, are understandably unhappy, without being glib, I’ve explained it to people I support, with an anology, in the animal kingdom, 2 silverback gorillas, 2 bull elephants… etc, never happily co-exist. 

For a KISv20/MBAM deepdive, log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, advise them: you understand the “new” requirements, however, you’d like to know the “technical why?”

And, if you’d be so kind, please post their response (so all the others who have your questions) will have a greater understanding. 

Thank you

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@ISpeye: also check https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/251478-kaspersky-total-security-2020/?tab=comments#comment-1342333


Some users say disabling ransomware protection in MWB4 does the trick...

FLOOD - I’ve not logged that case; I’m trying to get this “new” installation fully operational, but thanks for the tip.

harlan4096 - That is **VERY** interesting and useful. My installation of MBAN 4.0+ seems to have (by itself) turned off Ransomware protection in the Realtime Protection. And I’ve had no KIS problems since AND my backup application [a Crashplan app] is also now functioning (when it did not before). 

Thanks to you both.