KIS Stopped Loading

  • 4 September 2020
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Windows 10


I was about to run a manual scan and noticed KIS wasn’t in the task bar. Tried to launch it from the desktop but still didn’t launch.

Restarted but the same.

Before I uninstall and re-install thought I’d post first

3 replies

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@Lemarque Can you please provide a GSI Log

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Sorry, I tried uninstalling from the Windows settings and it just hung. I download kavremover and uninstalled. Download the app now.

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Well, I re-installed, KIS remembered my license, etc. and just not after doing a System backup using TODO, and rebooting, I noticed KIS in the system tray was Red. It said some components were corrupted. I checked the base filtering engine and it was running.

I created a GSI but for some reason https://www.getsysteminfo.com/home

doesn’t show it uploading.

After re-booting KIS is green and doesn’t show an error.