KIS seemingly randomly uses 100% of non system disk

  • 9 December 2019
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idle scan is off
scheduled scans are off

yet i still regularly get 100% disk use at very low read speed (weird) for no apparent reason - which causes a worrying clicking almost no other disk activity does - and when KIS does it, it is VERY loud  !@#


i’ve tried reinstalling KIS already



1 reply

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Hello  @amaru psyn,


  • As we don’t know the operating system version & build, nor KIS version & patch and as there a “sound” component to the KIS 100% “random” use of non system disk  issue. 
  • Can you clarify how the image reflects KIS using 100% of disk resources please? 

:octagonal_sign: Please provide us with a GSI & Windows Logs, and a video with sound of the issue?

  • Please upload the GSI zip folder to cloud & post the link.
  • The video can be uploaded direct to your Topic, by selecting embed media. 

Thank you

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