KIS on smartphone - agreement for data collection / marketing purpouses

  • 26 May 2019
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Hello all,

since I updated my KIS on my smartphone from Google Play this morning, I have a user agreement from Kaspersky that I should accept for collecting & giving away my personal data to his partners (Google Analytics, Firebase, AppsFlyer according to Terms section). No "no thanks" possibility and it blocks me from using KIS.
I am using KIS on my phone as part of my Total Security for 3 devices license that I've paid.
So... if Kaspersky would want to collect & resell my data on a free version I would completely understand. But if I'm using a commercial version that's for reasons, including to keep my data private and accepting to share it with Kaspersky only for technical purposes.

Anyone a solution for this issue? It's obviously not just a troubleshoot for only my device...
Thanks in advance

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Hello, @KCR 

Please contact with KL Suppost via https://my.kaspersky.com/.