KIS for Chromebook?

  • 30 June 2019
  • 2 replies

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Is there such a thing as Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Antivirus for Chromebooks? When I search in Google Play Store for Kaspersky, there is nothing.

2 replies

Afaik, Chromebook is already a secured computer system. Because it does not operate a traditional operating system and takes benefit of a variety of Google-powered safety measures, Chrome OS is well-guarded against any attacks on the internet. A good security starts with you on how you manage your own data. You should have a solid password as well to protect your account.
As we know Chromebook has a secure operating system but it would be great to have a version of the password manager as I am now having to look at moving away from Kaspersky to Lastpass or Dart

Come on Kaspersky................... Time to catch up with your competitors