KIS can't end libreoffice install, version>, ‘waiting other updates end’ [merged]

  • 21 January 2021
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Kaspersky is never ending installing new libreoffice (version> It shows something like ‘waiting other updates end’ (the message in french is attente de la fin d’autres mises à jour)
I tried to update the libreoffice manually but it is still the same in KIS
Thank you

4 replies

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@anthropo33 Welcome. Did you try to run an installation as ADMIN.

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Hi @anthropo33 , 

It looks like issue 4559944, which is fixed in new product version (MR3), ETA in February. 

The workaround (not a very convenient one) would be to uninstall the product without keeping the settings, make sure LIbre Office is updated to the latest version, install Kaspersky product back. 


Before Chsristmas I ran into an issue where Kaspersky initiated a LibreOffice update which then got stuck (see https://community.kaspersky.com/topic/show?tid=14177&fid=14)

I had to manually extricate from this by re-installing LibreOffice

However Kaspersky still thinks there is an update from LibreOffice to running. It’s stuck in the update list and refuses to cancel.

As noted in the earlier post, I don’t truct Kaspersky’s updating for software applications (other than itself) and I trust it even less now. Is there a way i can clar this item from the update in Kaspersky, and preferably turn this feature off because it’s a annoying “nag” trying to persuade me to use a feature that I don’t trust enough to use.


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Hello @colin_e,

you can disable software updater,

Go to Settings->Protection and scroll down to Security Controls.
Disable Software Updater:



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