KIS = Black Websites

  • 15 May 2019
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For example: htt_ps:_//optinmonster._com/9-lead-magnets-to-increase-subscribers/

Disabling KIS the site displays

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Hello Lemarque,
(For my understanding please) when you enter the url you're presented with a black screen or?
Please provide details of:
Operating system, version, release?
Browser/s, version/s?
Any more urls, presenting the same issue?
Screen image of the issue?

Please let us know?
Win10 up to date
Chrome up to date

Here's what I just found, I did a search on Google:

Clicked on the link and got the black screen. Clicking the link from my post and the site loads fine! (?)

BTW - I don't care much for the new Forum. It's very slow and times out.
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Hello Lemarque,
Using your search,https://& selecting the url provided by:
69 Super Effective Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List in 2019
https://optinmonster.com/9-lead-magnets-to-increase-subscribers/ > redirects to .png (image), i.e, black screen.
Not caused by Kaspersky.

Pause KIS and try it again - it will load just fine
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(PNG Image, 1 × 1 pixels)
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fun problem
try creating a request in the TP via the My Kaspersky portal

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