KIS 20 - Windows 10. How to disable NDIS filter driver on one NIC

  • 25 June 2020
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Hi to all,


I have a device (a GigE camera) attached to a NIC of my Windows 10 PC, and I don’t need Kaspersky filter driver on it. The filtering slows down dramatically the image transfer, and at high transfer rates, images got lost.

Same KIS version, same application on a Windows 7 PC: no issue.

I read on some Kaspersky support page that the filter driver is hidden in Windows 10. However I found out how to uninstall it. After that, the camera images transfer functions properly.


But I need the filter driver back on the other NIC interfaces, the one connected to the web or a LAN.

How can I do that?


Stefano P.

1 reply

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Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: 

a. Description of the issue.
b. Screenshot, as needed.