KIS 20 freezes MacBook Pro (Catalina) after waking up. [merged] [Confirmed]

  • 21 December 2019
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MacBook Pro freezes after waking up from sleep with KIS 20 installed.



MacBook Pro 13 Late 2013 running Catalina

MacBook Pro 16 running Catalina


How to reproduce:

Install KIS (or any other version).

Close the lid to put the MacBook Pro into sleep.

Leave it for several hours. (Wake a MacBook Pro shortly after it goes to sleep does not reproduce the problem.)

Open the lead, log into macOS, then the OS is very likely to freeze.


Best answer by Anonymous 18 August 2020, 08:38

The issue is fixed in patch C.

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88 replies

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Hello @ZeeKin,

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

Thank you for the image & the query:pray_tone3:

  • We absolutely believe you 100% & we did so before the image; the issue is not the information you’ve provided, Kaspersky releases patches & versions in staggered distributions, and, frequently, what is known in Moscow is not communicated to other parts of the business; let alone Kaspersky customers. 
  • (ioo) Patch c has been released, somewhere across the globe, which would account for you having Patch c, the Release notes information will be updated, at some stage, hopefully sooner rather than later:thinking:
  • When the MAC wakes up, let us know if the performance issues are resolved please?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Got it! Thanks for following up.

I just woke up my Mac to write this reply and so far, so good! My Mac fired right up without hanging.  This is just one attempt, so fingers crossed that it’ll continue and the bad behavior is a thing of the past.

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@FLOOD after several days of using my Mac with version, I feel comfortable saying the issue seems to be resolved for me. I haven’t experienced any of the pesky hangups and connection blocks I was having for the past 6+ months.


Hopefully, everyone who’s also experienced this issue received the update, and that it’s permanently solved in the ‘21 update. Thanks!

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After reinstating the defaults on my  Mac for sleep settings  with version has not currently locked up or given me any problems. The best test was allowing it to be in sleep mode every night throughout the day until I got home from work. It passed that also. All other problems seem to be fixed which is cool. I juts it would have been sooner or at least better communication since it seemed to be a PR disaster that relay didn't need to be. 

I also got the update to and tested a few times. My MAC no longer hangs after waking up from long periods of sleeping. I wake up in the morning, open the screen and it’s working straight away. Thanks very much for the fix!!

The issue is fixed in patch C.

How I can see which patch I have installed? I just see the version number but not the patch identification in my KIS screen.



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Hello @Cervik, Mario,


According to Kaspersky experts, the patch information is shown in the KIS application Help option:thinking:

  • May we have an image of (your) KIS help/information screen showing the version (but no patch) information please?

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Yes, I see it under "About Kaspersky Internet Security" → showing


Hi Guys,

I have the latest version of Kaspersy and still have this issue, anyone else?

@Adlet please create a request to Tech Support

Thank you!


the issue still persists. The mac freezes during wake times.

I am on OSX 10.13.6 with KIS version



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Hi, the issue still persists. The mac freezes during wake times. I am on OSX 10.13.6 with KIS version Thanks!

Hello @g-shock


Please create a request with Kaspersky Technical Support

Thank you:pray_tone3: