Kaspersky Store web pages, FireFox , The input fields are not displayed properly and thee is no link to the next page in the process. How to report this problem?

  • 17 July 2019
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Another non-technical question. I can find no way to report problems problems with Kaspersky web pages (except for the forum - it has a support link).

I have discovered that I cannot order Kaspersky products using my FireFox browser. The input fields are not displayed properly and thee is no link to the next page in the process. The page is displayed properly using Chrome. It could be one of my FireFox plugins, of course, but I'm having no trouble on other web sites.

4 replies

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Hello Patrick O'Keefe,
Welcome, again🙂!
For this issue please tell us:
  1. KIS, free or licensed?, version?, patch(x)? x = letter
  2. Operating system? version? build?
  3. Firefox browser name, e.g. Firefox Quantum? version?
  4. Screen images of the issue please? (so that we can try to replicate exactly what is happening)
  5. URL/s of the site/s where the issue occurs?
  6. In Firefox browser, enter: about:addons - please provide us with screen image/s of all extensions, addons?
  7. In about:preferences#privacy - is Block pop-up windows ticked? IF YES, have you added the Kaspersky url to exclude it from any blocking?
  8. Is the Kaspersky protection extension installed? IF YES, has permission been granted to "Run in Private Windows"?
Please let us know?
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Thank you for your reply. I won't be able to collect the diagnosis stuff (screen shots, etc.) for a day or two, but I will get to it. I thought about, and temporarily disabled, extentions (NoScript and Adblock Plus) but had not thought about the popup blocking or the "Run in Private Windows"
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The problem has cleared up without my making any changes ... as far as I know. I won't be able to diagnose a nonexistent problem.
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Hi, as well as above post @ Flood.
Please run a Kaspersky GSI Log.
Please view the below URL Instructions.
This tool will generate a "zip file" to your desktop.

After you have run the GSI Log, please drag and drop the "zip file" into the Kaspersky "gsi parser" Please view the below URL instructions.

Then copy and paste the "easy read link" back into your next post.
Then maybe we can see what happened in your above post.