Kaspersky Protection extension not functioning correctly

  • 10 December 2019
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With the 2020 upgrade the Kaspersky Protection extension is completely different. I no longer have the green shield but a green hexagon with the eye. The drop down box does not display what the green shield does and all I get is:

This can read and change site data

Options ( which is non clickable)

Remove from Chrome

Hide from Chrome

Manage extension

The on screen keyboard shortcut is no longer there, so I have to mess around trying to get it up. With the 2020 upgrade Kaspersky had promised that it would resolve the issue of the missing pop up Secure Keyboard Input, however instead I have the added issue of not having the on screen keyboard shortcut with the green shield at the top right hand corner. Logging in is getting very cumbersome.

9 replies

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Hello  @LadyBeetle,


:radioactive: v20 has new software compatibility requirements, when KIS was upgraded, was KIS19 uninstalled first? If “no”, please check: List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Internet Security 20:radioactive:

(and) please tell us:

  1. Operating system name & version ?
  2. KIS20 version & patch?
  3. Chrome version?
  4. Chrome Kaspersky Protection extension version? 
  5. Is Kaspersky Protection extension enabled, with permissions set as follows:


  6. May I have an image of  “green hexagon with the eye” please?

  7.  :octagonal_sign: Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling KIS?:octagonal_sign:

  8. :no_entry: Regarding: Secure Keyboard Input popup, Kaspersky no longer provides this feature in any Chrome version after Chrome 68:no_entry:

Please let me know?

Thank you. 

Additional references:

Kaspersky Internet Security 20 System Requirements

Kaspersky Internet Security 20 release notes for Patches A – F 

Kaspersky Internet Security v20 Library

Hi Flood,

Thanks for the response.

Answers to your questions as follows:


  1. Operating system name & version ?

        Windows 7 = 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack)

       2. KIS20 version & patch? (f)

       3. Chrome version?

        78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64bit)

       4. Chrome Kaspersky Protection extension version? 

       5. Is Kaspersky Protection extension enabled, with permissions set as follows:



This is the icon without the red line on the left. Just my poor editing.



        8. That’s a shame as it is such a useful tool.

Note: I was in the middle of doing something online the other night before I upgraded. Out of the blue the yellow /orange exclamation mark appeared in the top right hand corner menu, so I clicked on it and found that the extension had downloaded twice, the existing one and this new one, which appeared out of nowhere. I deleted it as I wasn’t sure why this had happened. This extension had the green shield. After this I was prompted to upgrade Kaspersky, which I did. After the upgrade there was no Kaspersky extension so I found the support page which had the link to follow and added the Kaspersky extension to chrome, and the above is what I now have with none of the drop down helps…

Everything else seems to be working fine and the extension is definitely on.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks LadyBeetle

ADDIT: From what I recall the old version was removed automatically before the new one was installed…. To be honest It was the early hours of the morning and I was tired and initially not sure what Kaspersky was doing until I remembered the promised 2020 upgrade. I am looking for old files to delete. In programs the only Kaspersky listed is the current one.

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Hello  @LadyBeetle

Thank you for posting the detailed information:clap_tone3: & for updating your Avatar image, that’s especially pleasing, I :heart_eyes::beetle: s

  • Kaspersky protection extension current version is:

Please do the following:


  1. Run Restore settings to their original defaults
  2. Exit Chrome, do not restart atm. 


  1. Create a System Restore Point. 
  2. Go to: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\             copy folder Default to your Desktop
  3. Go to:    C:\Windows\Temp         delete everything in Temp, there may be a few files/folders requesting “Admin permission”, grant the permission, & there may be a few files/folders “In use”, select Skip.
  4. Go to:  C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Temp     delete everything in Temp, there may be a few files/folders requesting “Admin permission”, grant the permission, & there may be a few files/folders “In use”, select Skip.
  5. Go to:  Programs & Features, uninstall Chrome
  6. Shutdown PC, using full Shutdown, not Restart. 
  7. Power computer on, login. 
  8. Start KIS, make sure it’s active.


  1. Run a manual Database Update, allow it to complete, do not use the computer while it’s running.
  2. Run a manual Fullscan, allow it to complete, do not use the computer while it’s running.


  1. Download and install a new Chrome 
  2. Start Chrome browser.
  3. Check Kaspersky Protection extension version?
  4. Check if the icon is green hexagon with eye?
  5. Check if Kaspersky Protection extension has full functionality?

:octagonal_sign: If Kaspersky Protection version is not, if the green hexagon with eye remains, if Anti-Banner, Private Browsing & OnScreen Keyboard are not available via the extension, please let me know?:octagonal_sign:

  • Regarding: “I am looking for old files to delete.”

:no_entry: Please do not use this method  to clean up any Kaspersky software:no_entry:  

Thank you:pray_tone3:  

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Hello  @LadyBeetle,

Additional info, Kaspersky Protection extension 2016 was a green shield with :eye: 

How KPE 2016 got installed is very strange:thinking:

Hi Flood,

Sorry about delayed response! It is the crazy season!

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Thank you for you assistance. Things are back to normal now and I have the, extension with easy access to the on screen keyboard.

How KPE 2016 got installed: I deleted the new KPE version before upgrading, when it installed automatically, completely out of the blue which left me with 2 KPE’s! If I had deleted the old version I would have been ok! After the upgrade to 2020 I did not have an extension at all so I searched the google webstore, but nothing legit came up, so I searched Kaspersky support. I found the link to the 2016 extension, not realizing it was the wrong one. When I realized it was wrong I continued searching for the most recent extension but could not find it. So I ended up here!

Hope that explains it Flood!

Cheers LadyBeetle

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Hello  @LadyBeetle,

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for the good wishes:pray_tone3: , we return the same to you & yes,  it has indeed been a “crazy” season, it’s not over yet:upside_down:. I hope you enjoy a very safe and happy NewYear.

I’m glad you ended up here, I’m equally glad the issue has been resolved:cartwheel_tone3:

Thank you all for this thread.  I have been stressing all day with a new laptop and trying to get it set up.  My old laptop has the eye...does Kaspersky not automatically update the extensions even if you update your software?  It sounds like my old laptop has the 2016 version.


That made figuring out what to enable on Chrome a nightmare.  Nothing showed up after downloading and restarting, and I was not able to search Kaspersky in the Chrome store.   I now have manged to enable the version.  This is the latest one? I’ve been really worried about getting something outdated or something that is made to look legitimate.

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Hello  @jeneralizing,


With version20 Kaspersky has some new requireiments, I’ll help you with making sure everything is correct if you please let me know operating system name & version & Kaspersky software name & version for: 

  1. Old PC operating system name & version? 
  2. Kaspersky software name & version?
  3. New PC operating system version? 
  4. Kaspersky software name & version?

Regarding  “does Kaspersky not automatically update the extensions even if you update your software?”, sometimes, especially with version updates or major patch updates, things can go wrong, if a browser is not working as expected, the best solution is save the browser user data folder: 

  • Chrome: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  • Firefox: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles
  • Then unistall the browser, download & install a new browser exe, if that doesn’t solve the issue, uninstall Kaspersky software, using Window Programs & Features (NOT Kavremover), download & install new Kaspersky software.

Regarding: Google Chrome Kaspersky Protection extension version is, updated, 25 November 2019, so you have the most recent version:




Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Some helpful references:

How to verify if the downloaded Kaspersky Lab installer is genuine

Resources for downloading Kaspersky applications and documentation for home products

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