Kaspersky Mail Checker cannot be loaded after update

  • 16 December 2020
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After update today I get this message when opening Outlook 2007 on Win 10

I have seen this issue mentioned before in thread

but the command suggestions dont work.

I have a second PC (on and have NO Outlook issues so its clearly a problem with (a). Anyone else have this issue.

Anyway to roll back update to a previous version?

Ive lodged a ticket with support today also.

4 replies

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Just an update

my second PC finally updated to KIS today I opened Outlook and did not get any error messages, yay!

Looks like this version of KIS has fixed the previous issue


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Hi Flood,

Thanks for the offer of help.


Ive tried the update process to patch (b) five times now and it wont update unfortunately.

Your point 3 - yes just a typo.

Support responded this morning and confirmed that a bug has been found and the matter escalated to the developers which is cool.


FYI - this is my response to support this morning:

“I spent a long time yesterday looking online for a solution and could only find the suggestion made in the earlier thread about registering the mcou.dll file, so I tried this process again. At first, running each command separately didn't work, but then I ran all 4 commands at once and it seemed to change something, but Outlook still had the fault. I then just ran each register command one at a time (not the unregister ones) and it now works, and I can see KIS in Outlook in the "trust centre add ins" window.

So I have gotten Outlook to work now but clearly a bug needs to be fixed.”

I still have another PC on which wont update yet to the latest patch either, hopefully or the bug fix will resolve this issue and my second PC wont have the same problem once it does update.


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Hello @aussiejoe666

Thanks for the update:ok_hand_tone3: !

Good on you for making @Igor Kurzin’s suggestion work!!

Great to know it’s a bug:clap_tone3:

  1. Did Support provide a bug#? 
  • Patches are released, across the globe, in staggered distributions, unfortunately, patch releases are silent, that translates to, Kaspersky subscribers have no idea when a patch has arrived, after the patch arrives, Kaspersky waits for 168hrs, if, in that period, you’ve not rebooted your machine, notifications show: in the Notification centre, there will be a Recommendation & the Kaspersky application icon will turn red

Please update the Community, when Kaspersky respond with a working solution?

Have a very happy and safe A:koala:ssie Christmas! 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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  1. its clearly a problem with (a). 
  2. Anyway to roll back update to a previous version? 

Ive lodged a ticket with support today also.

Hello @aussiejoe666


  1. is up to patch(b), run a manual Database update, shutdown the computer using Shutdown, not Restart, power on, login, if patch(b) is applied, recheck the Kaspersky Mail Checker cannot be loaded after update[c]” issue? Note: to apply the patch you may need to do the shutdown steps several times. 
  2. Technical Support will assist you to roll back, if necessary. 
  3. The topic title is “Kaspersky Mail Checker cannot be loaded after update[c]”, there is no patch C, is that a typo? 
  4. When it’s available, please share with the Community, the advice from Technical Support?

Thank you:pray_tone3: