Kaspersky IS slows down/disables software from running

  • 14 April 2021
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I’m a relatively new user to Kaspersky(KIS). I recently discovered that certain applications(IntelliJ, maybe a few others) have failed to start(or if they’re starting, but taking so much time, that I end up giving up) whenever Kaspersky is running. I now have to disable the AV all together, in order for IntelliJ to start up.

Once I disable KIs, IntelliJ starts up directly.

I also realize that whenever IntelliJ(iJ) starts up(immediately after pressing iJ.exe, iJ does not load on monitor), Kaspersky raises the CPU usage, and it gets to around 80-95%.

It’s a relatively new problem, and haven’t had that issue before.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?



Windows 10 Version: 2004 (19041.804) x64 Build 19041

KIS Version: [c]

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@Robban Welcome.

Can you please provide more details