kaspersky internet security deactivated

  • 23 May 2020
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Dear Friends

I have been using of Kaspersky AV for last 15 years. My OS isr win 10pro 1083 . Now I have for few days the my  installed KIS2019 ( now by auto update exact version is  KIS (j) )has been deactivated automatically . Though it is showed in program menu etc. Though Kaspersky secure connection running as it is. I have been reinstalled at least 7 time after fresh down load from website (www.kaspersky.co.in). The new  installation working fine but after reboot its again disabled.

please Help!!

Thanking You in advance

Jayadev Lenka


3 replies

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@JLenka, make a GSI report, please.

Yes Already did . I am attaching here with.

Thank You!

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Hello @JLenka,

could you specify does the issue happen with KSEC or with KIS? What does mean by “deactivated after reboot”?

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