Kaspersky Internet Security and Secure Banking for a website that (suppose) hides viruses, malware etc what will happen?

  • 16 November 2021
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I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for several years and I am very happy.

For banking transactions I use "Safe Money".

I would like to ask, if I use the page "Safe Money" for a website that (suppose) hides viruses, malware etc what will happen?

Will my computer be infected or will "Secure Banking" have some protection?

Thank you in advance


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4 replies

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Hello @dimitrisp


  • KIS Web Anti-Virus & KSN, offer protection against viruses & malware; the Safe Money - Protected Browser is a special browser operating mode designed to protect your data as you access bank or payment system websites. 
  • Protected Browser is started in an isolated environment to prevent other applications from injecting their code into the process of Protected Browser. Kaspersky Internet Security creates special profiles for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to prevent third-party add-ons from affecting the operation of Protected Browser. The application does not affect your data that the browsers may save in the profiles created for them.
  • If you access a contaminated site, using the Safe Money - Protected Browser, KIS will respond the same as if you’d accessed the site, using a standard browser. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Okay! Thank you for your answer.

However, to understand it better, let me simply ask the following:

I open Safe Money.

I enter in the url an address of a website unrelated to banking, to see, let's say, a movie.

Now, let's assume that this website is contagious.

Will I have extra protection because I am in Safe Money?

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Now, let's assume that this website is contagious.

This doesn’t make any difference, Kaspersky’s detection rate is close to 100%



Thank you again.

Good luck...