Kaspersky Intenet Security does not work on MacOS Catalina 10.15

  • 13 October 2019
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Hello Kaspersky User Grouo, today I installed MacOS Cataline 10.15 on my iMac and it seems to me that my Kaspersky Internet Security does have a problem with it. The problems are the following:

Is there any working fix or do I need to wait or what is the best to do now.
My Mac is now without security and to wait in this situation is not a good idea.
I hope I can get a quick answer here. Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Menahouse,
Have you tried to uninstall & reinstall?
Has a clean install of KIS20 been done?
If "yes", please note the advice from @Anton Mefodys
"The current installers on the site have no support of MacOS 10.15
We are investigating the situation.
To get the proper installer (that supports MacOS 10.15): please contact Technical support ".
Thank you

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Hello @FLOOD , you are so right 😉 it works again. If any problem will disappear so quickly it would be great 🙂 Thanks a lot! P.S. what I still not understand is that in the licenes area of the portal this software is named 'total security' but on my mac its installed like 'Kaspersky Internet Security'. Is it the same or where does this different product name come from?
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Hello @Menahouse,
Thank you for replying, I'm delighted the issue is fixed😃
I'll explain the Kaspersky Total Security (Premium License)/Kaspersky Internet Security software - the license you purchased is Kaspersky Total Security, however, for MAC, iOS and Android, the only compatible AV software from Kaspersky is Kaspersky Internet Security. The KTS license also covers Kaspersky Password Manager (Premium), Kaspersky Secure Connection (Free) 200mb daily or 300mb max per day - after synchronising with MyKaspersky account, fixed virtual location automatically predetermined by software, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Technical Support and can be installed on various operating systems.
(imo Kaspersky needs to make the "buys KTS, installs KIS - MAC, iOS and Android", clearer, on their advertising and documentation. Many Kaspersky Customers and potential Customers raise the questions and are frequently confused by the issue).
Best regards,

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