Kaspersky Intdernet Security - safe money browser question

  • 9 January 2022
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The “safe money” browser from Kaspersky Internet Security successfully opens on banking websites, but it overlays a popup saying “report problems” to the bottom right of the banks website.

For some banks, it blocks the “Ok” button of the website. Can this “report problems” popup be disabled of moved in configuration?

I have asked this question to the support already but did not get any reply.

5 replies

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Hello @FHa


The Report a problem insert cannot be moved or disabled, all that can be done is to select the X to exit the Report a problem window & keep the Protected browser running.

The issue has been previously raised with Kaspersky HQ Russia experts, they’ve never been receptive to any changes. 





Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thanks for your reply. For some reason, i dont have a closing “X” at that location. I guess thats a resolution problem as that machine uses a 150% display resolution plus a custom browser resize (very bad eyes ;)

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For some reason, i don't have a closing “X” at that location. I guess that's a resolution problem as that machine uses a 150% display resolution plus a custom browser resize (very bad eyes ;)

Hello @FHa

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

We’re not able to replicate the problem you’re describing. We set the browser at 300% & still have the Report a problem window with the X, the 3rd image is after we’ve ‘nuked’ the X. We also increased the (system) size of apps to 175%, image 4; Kaspersky Protected browser still retained the Report a problem window with the X, image 5:







  1. Which OS version & build
  2. KIS version & patch(x), x = letter, on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About
  3. Is the issue in all supported browsers → Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium? 
  4. Post an image of what you see → we need to see what you see please? 

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Tomorrow I will have access to that laptop again. Afterwards i will answer questions and make screenshots.

Sorry for the late answer. This is a screenshot of the kaspersky “safe money” browser screen of the laptop that i mentioned. The OS “should” be the latest windows 10 x64 with the most recent KIS version. Sorry i forgot to check the exact versions, but i do keep the software up to date usually. It is actually the laptop of my mum, so i only have access every few days ;)

This happens on the german bank “Postbank”.

We used the browser display resizing to make the website useable inside the edge browser with this banking website, but it is annoying and not everybody may be able to use  the site this way. During banking transactions, it can happen that the button you need to click to initiate a transaction, is blocked by the KIS problem button.