Kaspersky falsely labeled my site phishing

  • 19 June 2021
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Kaspersky has incorrectly labeled   “https://mydoctorsf.com”  as a phishing or dangerous site. In fact, we are a legitimate medical practice in San Francisco and no other tools or blacklists have identified a problem - just Kaspersky.

ref: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/mydoctorsf.com/

Please review asap as patients of ours are reporting your tools are misidentifying our site as dangerous.

Thank you,
Paul Abramson MD

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3 replies

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@erstwhile Welcome. 

This community cannot fix this issue, please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :


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Also, I also reported the URL, waiting final verdict from K. analyst...

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This is the final verdict:



Dear User,

Thank you for sending a request to Kaspersky!
We checked the link you have sent us.
It has been confirmed as a false positive. The link will be excluded from our anti-phishing databases.

Best regards, Senior Web Content Analyst


So, the issues should be fixed now, please update Kaspersky product signatures...