Kaspersky deletes Activtrak monitoring software. [Closed]

  • 31 January 2020
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I have tried to download Activtrak computer monitoring on our work computers which worked and now Kaspersky wants to delete the files. Even if I add to exclusions it keeps wanting to delete the files. How do I get this to not happen? It keeps wanting to scan and says adware detected


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5 replies

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@Deedeesween Welcome. Please avoid installing adware. 


Is there no monitoring software we can use that would be safe?

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Hi @Deedeesween, Welcome.

As well @Berny post.

You don’t say what Kaspersky Security you are using?

How  many employees do you want to track?

Do you want to track just on mobile devices?

Are  you using the correct Kaspersky Security for your business?

A little more information would be great as we are not mind readers.

Thank you.

It's a small business one with everything included. If I'm honest I'm not sure on the exact specifics as I'm not in the office and it was another person who set this up. I need this for 2 PCs and one laptop.

My boss has asked me to look this up and I dont know what to do. I'm sure you can appreciate, I'm looking for help and guidance rather than a sarcastic tone, as I've not had to deal with this before. So I'm sorry but I didnt know what sort of details was needed.

Is there any other information I can give that may help some answers? 

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Hi @Deedeesween 

Please contact Kaspersky support.


Thank you.