Kaspersky Compatibility with Opera GX Gaming Browser?

  • 24 November 2021
  • 2 replies

So I recently picked up Opera GX as my default internet browser because of the convenient integrations and resource management built into it, but I realized that Kaspersky doesn’t quite work all the way with the browser itself. I love Kaspersky antivirus and swear by it’s protection for my PC, but I would wish the browser was a little more compatible with the browser I switched to - such as the protected browser opening with Opera as the default browser. I wonder if there isn’t anything I can do so some of the web browsing integrations with Kaspersky will work with the browser?

2 replies

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Hi @The Gamer Dad , 

This thread gives some ideas how to get better compatibility with Opera.

Thanks for the answer! Much appreciated! Hopefully the devs at Kaspersky will realize the growing popularity of Opera and maybe make some compatibility for it. I just dislike that by default Kaspersky will open *gags* microsoft edge on default if it doesn’t detect a supported browser.