Kaspersky Blocking Canon Camera WiFi Connection [Closed]

  • 22 January 2020
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Have Kaspersky Internet Security, (g)

Have attempted to set up all Canon applications on computer to be approved software in Kaspersky but so far have not been successful.

Try to connect with protection on and the camera continues to search for the connection and never connects.

Try to connect with protection paused and camera connects promptly. 

Perhaps a new version of Kaspersky was loaded recently that has caused this problem because a few weeks ago this problem did not exist. 

Appreciate any help here. 


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Hello @HonAcura123, welcome to the forum.

Please check, whether your network is set to 'local' or 'trusted'.
If not, set it to 'local Network' and try connecting the camera again



That worked, at least on 1 of my 2 desktops. Success is when the program “Camera Window DC8” appears on the desktop monitor. It allows for downloading from camera to computer and also deleting from camera.  When this appears on desktop, the screen on the camera is blank. On one of the computers this was successful. On the other, the back of the camera indicates a connection, then the back of the camera shows the last image in the camera and the program “Camera Window DC8” does not appears on the desktop monitor. So now I am comparing all the settings in Kaspersky Internet security between the two computers, trying to find the setting that is not correct on the failing computer. 

Any ideas? Thanks. 

This one can be closed. Problem solved with help from Schulte and continued work. In the end, as the camera was connecting to the computer, I had to have the computer search for and install the new device, the camera. Thanks

“I had to have the computer search for and install the new device”

Can you share how you do this? Do you have to do it every time?