Kaspersky and Err_http2_protocol_error browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

  • 31 July 2021
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Today a new issue happened with all my browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

When I try to launch a browser and go online, all the pages don't load. All I have is a message saying that the website (ex: youtube.com) is temporary unaccessible or was moved permanently. ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

When I start another program like steam, it's able to connect to the internet. Same with the windows 10 update center. 

When I deactivate Kaspersky Internet Security app, all my browsers behave normally. It's only when I reactivate it that I lose my connection to most website I use. 

Eveything was fine for the past year so I don't understand what happened? 

Thx for your help! 



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@Jordan Welcome. 

Please try to fix your issue with the commands “ipconfig/ flushdns”  or   “ipconfig/ renew” + reboot.

If you suspect Kaspersky in this issue, please check your reports and contact Kaspersky Technical Support.


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Do you block the browers to access internet? such as blocking some proxy software to access internet or blocking internet speedup software?


Thank you for your help guys.

Finally I had to reinstall Kaspersky and all the issues I had have been fixed. 


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