is this blocked? or did the banner came through?

  • 29 August 2021
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did kaspersky also blocked the not processed?  thanks for helping! and btw i allowed the banners “allowed on this website” on the kaspersky extension since the website is saying turn off the ad block and then i checked the anti banners on kaspersky app and it says allowed. im scanning a full scan now will it detect any banners that was downloaded while on the time that it was allowed?



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Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus blocked the non processed items, and the  Kaspersky  File Anti-Virus is your next protection layer.


Also, please see this important Topic from @richbuff 


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oh wait what that's so cool i didn't knew that there's backup layers of protection when anti banner is off or allowed in this case. i did all the topic u sent and recently did a full deep scan and pc cleaner scan and no detections so far! thanks for helping much love