Is there any way to check if your internet is secure,

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi my last malware attack was about november 4 2021, It was my first malware attack so i just thought i was a virus till i researched it and almost getting my gmails and facebook hacked, The one thing i didn’t do was unplug my wifi router, It’s been 1 month nothing really happening but im still paranoid I heard people with your ip, or router they can control your computer even tho that i scanned with kaspersky and theres no more viruses, Is there any easy way to check if your wifi connection etc is safe? Im only fourteen please reply to me the easy stuff that i can do for me to secure and make me less worry and live my life.

1 reply

After a month and a year, And that trojan removal my network recently is slow, It might be just slow network but it might be someone aswell hacking my wifi i can’t decide for both. I just want to secure my network pls.