Is the URL safe or not? [Closed]

  • 2 November 2019
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My wife wants to do online paying and KIS (v20.0.14.1085) blocked the site.

The KIS report says > Dangerous URL blocked;//mpi.borgun.is/mdpaympi/MerchantServer/msgid/6831020; Heuristic Analysis; Opera Internet Browser

I put the //mpi.borgun.is/* in Settings > Protection > Web Anti-Virus > Exclusions and allowed URL’s but the KIS still blocked the site and she can’t make a pay.

I check the URL on the https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/ and it says the URL is safe according to the reputation data of Kaspersky VirusDesk. WTF!? If it is safe, why my KIS blocked the payment?

What can I do except the shuting down the KIS?



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We have Windows 10 v1903 with the latest updates.

She uses the latest version of Opera (v64.0.3417.73).

Kaspersky Internet Security v20.0.14.1085.

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Try this mask in Configure Trusted URLs: *mpi.borgun.is*

Thank you!

I put that mask there now but I can’t try it in the moment because she pissed off earlier, turned the KIS off and made her pay. I must wait now to another paying from her.