Important Question/Idea/demand: shut down when scan completes.

  • 20 November 2020
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when you changed the format/look and feel of the user interface you removed the tool that, to me, was THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THE INTERNER SECURITY TOOL,

This was the ONE feature that differentiated Kaspersky from all the others and a tool I used it every day.  The tool that SHUT DODW THE COMPUTER WHEN THE FULL SCAN COMPLETES. 

Every day the last thing I do is run a complete scan, check the SHUT DOWN COMPUTER ON COMPLETION button and walk away.

If you do not restore this feature I will NOT renew my subscription !!!


2 replies

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Hello @rgranvill


  • The shutdown automatically option has been removed, however, according to @Igor Kurzin, in @scott14 ‘s topic Where is command to shut down after scan? It is gone, the option will be "resurrected " at some time in a future patch.
  • No eta has been provided. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


As I said "this shutdown feature" is to mr the most important feature you have.  Without it I will not renew.

NO ETA is totally unacceptable.. Make it your number one priority !

Restore it TODAY !