How to Quit KIS (Mac) fully? No kav process in background. [Closed]

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My KIS 2019 for Mac appears to be a sound product. How do you quit the damx thing. No I do not wish to uninstall. Just quit all KIS processes. Yes I've tried force quitting and then little kav pops back up. Case in point: kav does not play nicely with Google Backup & Sync. So now, GB&S is scanning and kav is at 110% on one of the cpu cores. WTH? Don't like this at all. My colleagues taunted me not to trust Kaspersky b/c of the Russian ownership and ultimate control. Has Putin told K not to allow a full quit so it can continue to "protect" my Mac, or what?

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Hello Drscm,
To exit Kaspersky software: right click on KIS application icon in taskbar - select - exit
To disable and resume computer protection - please refer to:
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Thanks for trying Flood. But that does not work. Just for clarity I have a Mac. So the option is to Quit, not exit and to Pause, not disable. No taskbar but yes there is an icon in the Menu bar and Dock. Regardless, quitting closes at least the most obvious KIS process but not the process "kav" which is currently purring away at low cpu. However it will ramp up with web searches and particularly Google B&S. Make sense? TY!
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Disable and resume computer protection

By default, Kaspersky Internet Security starts after the operating system starts up and protects your computer until it is turned off. All protection components (File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, Safe Money, and Network Attack Blocker) are enabled and running.
You can disable protection completely or disable specific protection components.
Important: Kaspersky Lab strongly advises against disabling protection or protection components, because disabling them may lead to infection of your computer and data loss.
When computer protection is disabled:
  • The application icon in the menu bar is inactive.
  • The protection status indicator in the main application window is red.
When one or more protection components are disabled, the protection status indicator is red or yellow.
Note: Disabling or pausing protection components does not affect virus scan tasks or the update task.
You can disable/resume computer protection in one of the following ways:
  • From the application icon
  • From the application preferences window
Disable/resume computer protection from the application icon
In the menu bar, click the application icon and choose Turn Protection Off/Turn Protection On.
Disable/resume computer protection from the application preferences window
  1. In the menu bar, click the application icon and choose Preferences.
  2. The application preferences window opens.
  3. On the Protection tab, in the General section, deselect/select the Enable protection checkbox.
Important: If you have disabled computer protection, it will not be re-enabled automatically when Kaspersky Internet Security starts again. You have to re-enable computer protection manually.
Disable a protection component
  1. In the menu bar, click the application icon and choose Preferences.
  2. The application preferences window opens.
  3. On the Protection tab, in the section, deselect the Enable checkbox.
Important: If you disable a protection component, it will not be re-enabled automatically when Kaspersky Internet Security starts again. You have to re-enable the protection component manually.
Enable a protection component
  1. In the menu bar, click the application icon and choose Preferences.
  2. The application preferences window opens.
  3. On the Protection tab, in the section, select the Enable checkbox.
To enable computer protection or protection components, you can also use Protection Center. Disabling computer protection or disabling protection components puts your computer at much higher risk of infection. This is why Protection Center informs you when computer protection is disabled.
Article ID: kis58285, Last review: Jun 28, 2018
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Wow, nice response. Are you a robot or are you a tech support overseas?

1) Sorry to be rendundant but when I have "Quit" the program, which closes the icons in the Mac Menu and Dock, then I am assuming I have killed KIS until I relaunch it. However, you allude to a few items that are impossible to "quit" like Updates.
2) So I went and logged in to my.kasperksy.com and WTH, according to it not only is KIS running, but all settings are enabled!??????? THIS would explain the kav macOS process and its activity.

MORE SIMPLY, you CANNOT genuinely QUIT OR EXIT the program!! You have to uninstall it apparently. IRONICALLY, you can control the program better (e.g., DISABLE the tracking or web antivirus) if you do NOT quit it and have it open. You CANNOT disable these from my.kaspersky.com either!

I understand that Kaspersky is covering its ass for the idiot who, if they could, actually turn off the program, gets infected and then tries to blame Kaspersky. So what does Kaspersky do? Make it impossible to truly disable the total KIS barring an uninstall.

THIS SHOULD BE CLEARLY STATED UP-FRONT. IT IS NOT COMPLICATED and users should be made aware of this!

Lastly, another reason for thinking you're a robot (AI) or support overseas (scared to lose your job) is because "you" have not remotely commented on the high activity of the kav process particularly with Google B&S. I guess if you did you would have to forthrightly note that the kav activity demonstrates that it is full functional!

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Hello Drscm,
The Community is made up of users of Kaspersky software (like you) , all who give their time freely, to help other Community members (like you). There's a small team of Kaspersky employees - all of whom are clearly identifiable, bc, their profile shows "Kaspersky Lab Employee". For the most part, & from my observations, the willing helpers engage in providing technical analysis to address technical issues.
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Thank you for all your time, excellent recommendations, and generous help FLOOD!

Wow I had to respond to this after reading the replies.. long time lurker, first post.. The so called “helper” that was replying to you was not even bothering to read the OP is on mac (like myself) and just kept spewing out unrelated rubbish.. Very annoying thread. Anyway, I know it’s been a few months, but to the OP:

Because I do critical realtime audio production on my mac, I disconnect from the net entirely when I work and am also only interested in an AV that I can completely shut down whilst I am working/mixing. Turning real time protection off in KIS still leaves a quite resource hungry process running at all times.. which is very annoying..

HOWEVER.. with the current version of Total Security 20, I found that if I 1) disable all real time protection and THEN 2) go to the Kaspersky icon in menu bar and choose quit.. that it completely shuts down the program like the exit option does on windows.. that means NO kav process and nothing kaspersky running.. So please make sure you have the latest version, and give that a try if you are still having issues. There is only one other AV I know of on mac that allows complete shutdown, and that’s the APP STORE version of bitdefender called virus scanner plus, but it’s not a patch on kaspersky or the full version of bitdefender as far as protection.. Still.. if I hadn’t found this little quit option for kaspersky, there is no way I’d use it.. I can’t afford any sort of background process like this during audio production when I need predictable, rock solid low latency performance at all time.


It’s funny that Kaspersky make it more difficult on mac.. on windows you can even tell the program not to start with your computer.. so it has nothing to do with kaspersky not wanting the users to be able to shut the program off.. as that feature has been there since day one (why I also like zone alarm on windows, it can also be exited completely). You would think that on mac when the virus ratio is like 1:1000, if that, that they’d give us the same options of not starting the program with the mac on boot and a one click complete shut down.. it’s windows users who are at much more risk and yet they can turn off everything much easier! 

Of course there are noobs out there, but there are many of us who know exactly what we are doing, exactly when we are at risk and exactly when we can safely shut down an AV.

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Hello  @TTOZ,


I’m the so called “helper”, spewing out rubbish such as: referring the original Topic creator to MAC references. 

This guide will help you.

Additionally references: Mac KIS20 Library & Mac KIS20 release notes , to accomodate your requirements, I’d provide Mac KTS20 reference links, if such documentation existed. 

Thank you. 

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TTOC, really appreciate your info. I went through the 2 basic steps you describe and even after my Mac password was request, kav is still lurking in the activity monitor! LOL. 


FLOOD, thanks again to you as well but you did not comment on TTOC’s “solution”. Does his recommendation close kav on your machine? (sorry, can’t recall and too lazy to read, if you are running a MacOS).


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Hello  @drscm,

You’re very welcome!

@TTOZ’s “solution”? Geez, I must’ve missed that,  too busy “spewing out rubbish” & refining my “noob” helper skills….

But,  I can’t wait for @TTOZ, to share with all of us,  how he managed to install KTS software on his Mac:thinking:


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FLOOD is a cyber-genius for sure as is reflected in his request for highly detailed data, which of course can be critical.

More generally, I have the same issue and have observed it on my KIS 2020 for Mac as well as 2019. I’m running most recent update of Mojave (avoiding Catalina for now). All is good with my machine. I too am using only the essential components of KIS including no scans. 

When I disable KIS from the menu it reduces from ~105% CPU to ~20% CPU. I have to totally close KIS are reopen for it to return to its normal ~2% CPU or so. 

My best hunch is that it revs up when there is a pending update push from Office 365 for Mac or similar push for another app to include a Chrome update for example.

Does this jive with your experience?

Honestly for me it completely goes when I quit.. I first disable protection, put in my password, then quit, put in my password again. I even checked activity monitor 5 minutes after and kav was gone.


The only thing I can think of is that this is an old haswell laptop, 2014 macbook pro model, and I am running sierra 10.12.6.

Maybe all the new protection mumbo jumbo, which got really intense starting in Mojave (and now even more so in Catalina), made it too complicated for Kaspersky to code an easy complete shutdown?

My 16” macbook arrives today (literally with the delivery courier now), and I HAVE to use Catalina on that.. I will come back later tonight and let you all know if I am able to shut down kaspersky internet security 20 on it. If not, I have no idea what to use and maybe the bitdefender virus scanner plus is better than nothing.. I can not have resources being used when producing music which is a critical realtime process.. 

Because the 30 day demo was about to expire, I uninstalled it on the 2014 macbook and installed the sophos demo and i HATE it.. and it is a resource HOG and can NOT be shut down completely. Bitdefender full can not be shut down completely. Arghh! Malware bytes can not be shut down completely… 

I did buy a 2 year 3 device license of KTS but I was going to use it on bootcamp and my tablet and phone.. but I tested it on mac to see if i wanted to use it there too (I haven’t activated it yet) and because of course that i was waiting for the new computer..

Anyway, I am certain that the quit option is supposed to quit and that’s why it’s there.. so if it just doesn’t on the newer mac OSes, then file an official bug report.. I will absolutely do the same if I find the same thing when I install it later on Catalina. I really don’t know of any AV on mac that allows complete disabling other than Kaspersky (which works 100% on sierra) so if it’s broken let’s just keep asking them to fix it. 

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Re “let’s just keep asking them to fix it”, contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they will request data to analyse the issue & they will work with you to resolve. 

When you have an outcome, share it here.


I honestly don’t know what to say guys and gals.. I have set up my 16” MacBook.. The exact steps I took were to start it, enter my user details and connect to my iCloud.. I rebooted, then installed 10.15.2 Catalina update released two days ago. It then went through all the reboots automatically, I went to Kaspersky.com.au and downloaded the latest KIS for Mac. I started the trial (ok I admit it, I won’t activate it till the trial is over in 32 days.. why not get the most out of my time!).  I updated definitions, did a quick scan, and rebooted. I disabled protection, put in my password, then quit, put in my password, and there are no traces for Kaspersky running.. nothing in activity monitor when I type in either KAS or KAV.. Kaspesky is causing at least a ten degrees rise in my CPU temps though which I do not like.. so I will only have it enabled when online. The only thing I can think of is that both my Mac installations were first time ever, fresh Kaspersky installs. I have never used it on Mac prior to that. If you don’t believe me I am happy to take a little QuickTime screen video for you to show you it works.. Maybe it’s best for me to do that anyway just to show you all it can work.

To the OP, had you upgraded from a previous version? I know upgrades for any software can cause issues.. I remember when I received my iMac with High Sierra, and Mojave came out the next day, I updated it immediately and no matter what I did, my view settings for folders would no longer hold.. This also happened on my 2015 MacBook when I updated from El Capitan to Sierra. With the iMac, I formatted it and installed Mojave fresh and now it’s perfecto.. That doesn’t mean Kaspersky shouldn’t fix it, of course they should if it’s a bug.. But for me it works. In any case, I will take the video now, and I will upload it to my dropbox and be back a bit later.. Give me an hour cause upload in Australia is slow. Cheers!

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