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  • 8 June 2019
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i would like to know if is possible participate in the beta program and where are the instructions to do it.
In the old forum i find this one: https://eap.kaspersky.com/topic/62/beta-testing-guide but for example the link http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/ is empty.
Moreover I would like to understand if the indications present in the old forum have remained the same or something has changed.

Thanks soo mutch.

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Welcome to the new Kaspersky Community!

New beta testing portal: https://eap.kaspersky.com/

Beta testing guide: https://eap.kaspersky.com/topic/62/beta-testing-guide/8

That devbuilds link is obsolete, long time beta products are not uploaded there...

If You check the new beta testing portal, in every new thread of a beta build, links to download are provided in 2 servers: ownCloud and/or Kaspersky Box, for example:


Currently beta testing of K2020 has finished, but beta thread still open to continue posting bugs, also are opened threads of Patches F for K2019 and B for K2020.

There is anything special to join the beta testing, just register in the new portal, and follow the rules to posting reading the Beta Guide :)

Happy Testing 😉