how to block microphone?

  • 25 January 2021
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Is there any way to block microphone by KIS ?

I am playing a game which have a bug to sent all the time sounds from my microphone. I can not block it in Windows10 because I would have to block all classic programs. (i want play the game while talking in communicator, but both are classic application in windows10 - game is not even there)

I see in KIS, tool to block internet camera, but can not find tool to block microphone. I know that programs from other company(not kaspersky)  have this feature. So maybe I am missing something.


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If You go to Settings → Protection → Application Control → Manage Applications, search there for Your application to block microphone, once found, select it and then right mouse button → Details and Rules → Rights → Select Deny in the entry shown in the picture:


thx, it will propably work. I found it and blocked it.