How does KAV treat VST and other executable plugins?

I do some music production on my machine. In this area, everything revolves around a VST plugins. VST plugin is just a .dll, so it can, in theory, do anything. Editor application loads them during work and runs them.


So, here is a situation: a well-known, popular and trusted application with digital signatures from a respected developer regularly loads DLLs, that are untrusted, unsigned and are being downloaded from all over the Internet. Many of them use self-encryption in attempt to apply DRM to what can’t be.

  • Does KAV automatically extend the trust for the editor on the DLLs?
  • If yes, should I, maybe, explicitly set the editor itself and its modules as a low-trust applications? I tried to do it and got some functions blocked, but maybe I could investigate why if it is worth it.
  • Any other advise how to secure that system?


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