How do I permanently block an attacker's ip address?

  • 20 August 2021
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I own a NAS. I also rent a server that I rent that uses FTP to connect to my NAS to get files. I am receiving attacks which are not being stopped by the “Network Attack Blocker”; therefore I’m looking for an option to block the IP address outright myself yet I can’t find an option to do that myself - anyone have helpful advice? Lastly, I realize FTP is not encrypted thus I’m probably going to reconsider my options when the subscription expires.

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3 replies

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Hi @Alucard , 

Thank you for the screenshot. We can see that Network Attack Blocker successfully protects your computer from the Bruteforce.Generic.Rdp.d. 

You can check the list of blocked IP addresses at More Tools → My Network → Network Monitor → Blocked computers. 

In addition to what you have already done (the ports, credentials) I can recommend to disallow external connections to local machines on port 3389 (TCP/UDP) or any other RDP port in your router firewall. 

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Hi @Alucard , 

Please provide a bit more information on the attacks that are not stopped by the ‘Network Attack Blocker’. What attacks are those? Can you post a screenshot? 



I’ve disabled the ports that were being attacked, changed the credentials, and in group policy editor for safe measure disallowed any pc that wasn’t running vista or higher to connect.