have to uninstall kaspersky internet security, but do not have the computer

  • 29 April 2021
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Have Kaspersky Internet installed on three computers.  One computer was returned to the vendor but  I did not uninstall the software.  I bought a another computer and want to install the the Internet Security software on it.

How do I get authorization to install the software on the new computer?

In My Kaspersky, four computers are listed.  How do I identify the computer that was returned to the vendor?

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Hello @A Crab 

  • For the device that's been returned to the vendor, is it possible to contact them & ask for the device name? 
  • Apart from the device that's been returned to the vendor, what (do you think) the 4th device might be? Is it the new computer? IF "yes", disconnect it atm. 
  • In the MyKaspersky account, the devices show "Last connection date & time", from that information are you able to assess which device is the one that has been returned to the vendor? 
  • In the MyKaspersky account Devices tab, take screen prints of all devices & the screens associated with each device. 
  • Using Windows, name the 2 existing devices with names that mean something to you. 
  • In MyKaspersky, select Disconnect for all 4 devices. 
  • Synchronise the two newly named devices, with MyKaspersky account; they should be reflected in the account with the new names. 

Thank you:pray_tone3: