Full Scan, Cloud objects skipped

  • 31 March 2019
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Ran a full scan and all ok but had this message:
cloud objects skipped

Why so and how can I scan this?


7 replies

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Welcome. Can you tell us which Kaspersky version are you running ?
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Hello MDT,
As well as info from Igor Kurzin & request from berny, go to:
  1. Settings > Additional > Reports and Quarantine > Log non-critical events.
  2. Run scan again.
  3. Check Scan Report, more detailed information SHOULD be available.
Ref: https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/68263.htm [Reports and Quarantine settings][Log non-critical events].

If it doesn't work please let us know.
Good luck!

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Hello MDT,
  • Also, if/when the issue is fixed, turn off [ Log non-critical events ] unless you don't mind detailed but very messy Kaspersky reports!

I am kinda disturbed that we have to activate a more detailed scan to actually scan this.  I never saw anything about cloud object skipped before in past scans.  Is this a new feature to Chrome?   And if so why does not Kaspersky scan them without us having to activate a feature.   If they could be used against us shouldn’t the program look for it anyways?

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Hello @Burn4U2077,


  1. Please provide more information so we understand the issue (for you) please?
  2. Please export the KIS, All events, 7days Report, save as a .txt file & attach:paperclip: to your reply?

For clarification:

  • If “it’s” a new Chrome feature it’s out of scope for Kaspersky. 
  • The Log non-critical events, is not a scan, it is part of a trouble shooting procedure, suggested to @MDT, to assist them resolve the issue they were trying to resolve.  
  • Kaspersky’s documented advice: Scanning files in OneDrive cloud storage
  • In Windows 10 RS3 or later, Kaspersky Internet Security does not scan files in OneDrive cloud storage.
  • If the application detects such files during a scan, it shows a notification stating that the files in cloud storage were not scanned.
  • The following components do not scan files in OneDrive cloud storage:

Full Scan
Selective Scan
Quick Scan
Background Scan

  • The report on the operation of Kaspersky Internet Security contains a list of files in OneDrive cloud storage that were skipped during scan.
  • Files downloaded from OneDrive cloud storage to a local computer are scanned by real-time protection components.
  • If a file scan was postponed and the file has been uploaded back to OneDrive cloud storage before the scan is started, this file may be skipped during a scan.
  • When running applications and scripts, the Application Control and System Watcher components download applications from the OneDrive cloud storage to the local computer to scan.

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hello, I have the same problem: when I run a full scan it says “18 cloud objects were skipped”. I activated the ‘Log non-critical events’ option, but after looking at the report I didn’t find any entry regarding (cloud) objects being skipped.

My question is: where do I find these objects and how do i scan them? 

If it matters, I’ve never used cloud services to upload my files.

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