Firefox support on android [moved]

  • 7 August 2019
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As I don't use Google chrome due to privacy concerns I only use Firefox. Having just purchased a premium account I was disappointed to see that the Firefox browser is not supported on my android phone by Kaspersky. I hope in the near future Kaspersky will change this and support the Firefox browser on android. Cheers

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4 replies

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fortunately there are many others and better... For example on chromium source code (Comodo dragon, or now totally secure and fatest browser Brave) which i tested from yesterday on pc and android...

So if you can use firefox (gecko source code) there is a Ice dragon browser.

I dont use original Google chrome... only secured browser which dont sending any info and tracking...

So kaspersky should support more safer browser than google chrome.. SECURITY 1st!!!!!
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I agree, i rly would like to have more supported browsers as alternative.

Is there an official statement yet ? Will Kaspersky support other browsers in future?


Kind regards


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Hello  @bern,

Welcome back!

There are a lot of browsers on the market, and some good ones, however, atm, the Kaspersky supported browsers remain unchanged.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Beta channel, every so often the browser topic is raised.

Best regards.

Firefox should be supported since most security conscious people use it and avoid Google Chrome.