Feature request : Allow access to webcam once

  • 18 March 2021
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I disabled webcam access for all applications, but with remote work, I need to allow access to webcam for google meet.

My current workaround is to disable webcam protection just before starting the meeting and reenabling it after the meeting. But sometime (in fact a lot of time) I forgot to reenable it and find out some days later that any applications could access my webcam for this timeframe.


Is it possible to just block any access to the webcam and provide the possibility to the user to allow access to the blocked application if he/she desires, but just once ? Like by listing current applications that needs the webcam in Kaspersky control center UI and allow the process “x” to access until it closes.


By the way, the solution to enable google chrome entirely is not a good workaround because I need only to enable it for google meet.



5 replies

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@SLGGX Welcome. Did you try this ?




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@SLGGXWelcome. Did you try this ?




Hello, @Berny 

Did this settings (ask user) can take affect in automatic mode?


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@SLGGXWelcome. Did you try this ?




Hello @Berny 

You don’t need reply to me. I have tested it. It also works in automatic protection mode. :wink:



Hello @Berny and @Wesly.Zhang ,

Thanks for your quick answers but unfortunately, yes I tested it. But it does not work for me. The reason is because this is checked :




Yes, Kaspersky does request users if they want to allow or forbid the webcam access, but even if they allow it (clicked on “Allow Now”), Kaspersky still denies the webcam access because we told it to forbid all webcam access for any application.

Either this is a bug, or it was not designed like this but currently, there is no way to “forbid the webcam access by default except for the one instance we decided to allow”.


And going through every application and specifying for each one we need to request user or to prevent webcam access, and for new applications, allows it by default, is not a solution.

Because I’m a developer, making new applications is what I do. Therefore, I have 2000 to 5000 applications on my workstation (lot of them are custom made executables), and going through them one by one is such a hassle. Besides, if I create a new one and forget to disable webcam access, I think any hacker could just find a way to impersonate this new application, or inserting some evil code inside, to get a completely free pass to access my webcam. Anyway, even for a normal user, they could have many applications to go through.


Therefore, my feature request (or bug fixing) still stands.

Currently, Kaspersky :

“Allows any webcam access (it warns user if one accesses it, or ask user the first time if the application was not made into the thrusted group, but this is not enough) and in case the specific application settings is set to request user, then it requests every time before allowing”.


“Forbid any webcam access”.


But what we need is to :

“Forbid any webcam access unless user allowed it explicitly for the current application instance”.



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@SLGGX Please submit your suggestion to Kaspersky Technical Support :