Faulty math on sales page [MOVED]

  • 18 July 2020
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On this sales page: 


there are math mistakes. For example, purchasing three years for 3 devices saves $84.98, not $99.98. I'm not quibbling about the discounts as they are good. I just wanted to alert you to the discrepancies as fixing them will reduce customer dissatisfaction. 

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1 reply

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Hello @mdwpsyd, Mark, 


Good pickup:clap_tone3:

  • Unfortunately, as the link is from your MyKaspersky account, when we access it, we get redirected to (our) MyKaspersky account, product page, with a single product & no discounts → see image, it would be best to please contact Kaspersky Technical Support.
  • On the Support page, select your location, select Purchasing & licensing, select from options: Online Chat (not available all locations), Phone, (not available all locations), Submit a request → via your MyKaspersky account. 
  • The Technical Support Team will be able to access the same products pages as you, they’ll be able to collect the necessary information, and they’ll be able to escalate the issue to the relevant Moscow HQ department.

Thank you:pray_tone3: