Export detection reports via commandline

  • 27 September 2021
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How to export recent detections by using avp.com? 

avp.com REPORT /RA:events.log 

Doesn’t do anything. I am currently running a trial license. 

Is there also a way to detect the current AV DB version via avp or another cmd line tool?


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17 replies

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@joesecurity  Welcome.

The command has to run under the Kaspersky directory ?
The updater doesn’t provide the DB release date.




I did this, but no success:



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@joesecurity Any  Kaspersky or Windows error alert ?

Nothing. But there is no bla.txt. Can it be that this command is disabled during the trial?

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@joesecurity This is not a trial limitation, this could be a Tech Support issue :thinking:

Please wait for other  suggestions…

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Could you try to use a full file path instead of only a file name? such as c:\balabala.txt.


Same, no file is created. Does the file really contain information about recent detections? 

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@joesecurity  Please try command  “avp.com” (without dot/)  in stead of “./avp.com” ?

Also please export to your “Downloads” or “Documents” folder like indicated by @Wesly.Zhang 






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@joesecurity  Right click drive C → Properties → General → Label : Enter a Disk name ?


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@joesecurity As you are on a German operating system, Moderator @Schulte could provide a more adequate assistance.

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Hello @joesecurity,

first of all you should set the path to the report file uniquely.
It is best to use '/RA:%userprofile%/desktop/filename.txt', this will create the file on your desktop.

With 'avp.com report /...' you will get the report which you can see under 'Reports-Systemaudit'. If this is empty, no file will be created.

If you want another report, you have to use the parameter [profile].
For example, with the profile 'FM' the report 'File Anti-Virus' will be exported.
Use 'avp.com report FM /RA:%userprofile%/desktop/filename.txt'.

There are more options, but it would be too long to mention them all here. If you need more reports, feel free to ask.

zunächt solltest Du den Pfad zur reportdatei eindeutig setzen.
Benutze am besten '/RA:%userprofile%/desktop/filename.txt', damit wird die Datei auf Deinem Desktop angelegt.

Mit 'avp.com report /...' bekommt Du dann den Bericht, den Du unter 'Berichte-Systemaudit' sehen kannst. Ist dieser leer, wird auch keine Datei erstellt.

Möchtest Du einen anderen Bericht, must Du den Parameter [profile] benutzen.
Mit dem Profil 'FM' wird z. B. der Bericht 'Datei-Anti-Virus' exportiert.
Benutze dazu 'avp.com report FM /RA:%userprofile%/desktop/filename.txt'.

Es gibt weitere Optionen, das wäre aber zu lang, hier alle zu nennen. Fall Du weitere Berichte brauchst, kannst Du gerne nachfragen.

Thanks, Reports-SystemAudit is indeed empty. I found all profiles here: https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11.6.0/en-US/181294.htm

However I am unable to get any report for Web Anti-Virus:



E.g. there is no report generated for profile WM.

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AS = Anti-Spam
EM = Email-Monitoring

Web AV I have not found yet. Search is in progress...

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The profile of the web-AV might be 'httpscan'. Please test...

Indeed, works. Thank you!