EAC conflict with Kaspersky Antivirus, Notice says "untrusted system file"

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Windows 10 Build 1903
Kaspersky Total Security
Apex Legends it's a game that runs inside Origin.
It was running fine, today it had an update but almost everyday it updates.
After double click it opens normally, them shortly after I am prompt with: errors
Kaspersky was asking permission for this r5apex.exe, looks related to audio.
After I gave permission it stop showing, but the error keeps persisting

Hello @Raphael,
Thank you.
Please clarify - is Apex Legends, Origin, associated with EAC:
  1. If "yes", have you contacted EAC?
  2. If "no", have you contacted Origin?
  • Win10, release & build # please?
  • Is Windows up to date?
  • KIS is up to patch(f), is KIS updating normally?
  • Please upload the apex_crash.txt file using the upload icon in your reply.
  • Please go to KIS REPORTS, find any events related to Apex r5apex.exe, export the report & upload using the upload icon in your reply. Choose 24 hr or 7 days REPORT.
  • Please generate GSI & Windows logs, run the GSI tool when you are accessing Apex\r5apex.exe, upload the .zip folder to cloud storage and post back the link please?

GSI ref doco: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7

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